Ihla Formosa – Matthew Lien is a great Chinese style

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A song of Chinese style, flute melodious, but the author is from Canada, in the Chinese music enthusiasts in the name of the bitter Matthew Lien (Matthew Lien). His most famous album is probably goes on “bleeding wolf”, which is the most classic song “Bressanone” (Brethornon) must have heard it. …

European and American music

2.5D render cartoon MTV Thomas Ferson

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French Jerome combe andre bessy for the star thomas ferson produced MV animation, action is very realistic like video, 2.5D rendering makes the whole animation fresh and refined, like a dream. Come and accept the shock! Reprinted please specify: trend music »2.5D render cartoon …

Pure music

Pang – season nice melody

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It was a rock and roll, but I put it in light music. Nice melody, nothing to say anything. Listen to the melody before a kind of small video before the style is very close, please note: the trend of music »Peng for – season nice melody …

Wake Me Up - Avicii Soul Singer Electric Swedish Village Wind
Nightclub dance

Wake Me Up – Avicii Soul Singer Electric Swedish Village Wind

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Sweden’s Avicii should be in recent years, super-cock of the audio DJ, this song with the United States soul singer cooperation song super cattle! Singer: Avicii Language: English Genre: Dance Released: 2013-06-17 Record company: Universal music [xiami] 1771948942 […

【Chinese original】 farewell
Chinese music

【Chinese original】 farewell

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Bid farewell to the return of the words of the team: “Lu year” album contains original songs – “farewell” This is a written to the “summer friends account” original song. Hu Han in the composition of the repertoire for the climax of the Japanese folk song singing the idea, we finally realized it QAQ. Small thousand of the sound has been infinitely close to the authentic song it ~! Wuzi’s words are also touching people touch the scene …

Chinese music

“I am a singer” those years I like the singer

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Recently Mango Taiwan out of a new program “I am a singer” invited some famous singers to participate in the program, on the stage each other PK. The first PK, Huang Guanzhong actually eliminated, it is unexpected. Could not help, I was in Youku search from some of my favorite singer name, there are the following paragraphs of the video, I have like the singer interpretation of the classic songs. Can not help but also because …